Beach Parties

Beach Parties Rock!

Beach Parties are the best parties. Seriously, the best place to have a party is to have it at the beach. Any kind of beach.

Before moving to Strange Annapolis, I lived two and a half hours from the white sands of the gulf of Mexico. I went as often as possible, but that was 5 hours round trip and hotels at the beach are expensive.

Now, I live a few hundred feet from the sand on the South River. I can see the Chesapeake Bay from my beach chair.

I had only been in Maryland a few days before being invited to my first neighborhood beach party.

I expected maybe 50 people. It was more like 300.

Beer, hamburgers, hotdogs, boiled shrimp, whole pigs on the grill, a band, and that gorgeous water view.

Beach Parties on South River
Parties at the beach are better than parties anywhere else. #baylife
Beach Parties have the best view.
My husband enjoying the scene.











The beach is also a natural amusement to keep the kids busy so you can actually talk to other adults. They played in the sand, balanced on rocks, played beach volleyball, and splashed in the water.

I nearly teared up when I walked around the corner and saw the view. I must have done some pretty awesome things in a past life to deserve this because I am pretty sure that I haven’t done anything in this one.

It is impossible to not enjoy beach parties. I am going to go so far as to say that if you don’t enjoy them, there is something seriously wrong with you. You should see a therapist.

As for me? Obviously, I love beach parties. And this one ended like a Disney vacation. There was a fireworks display that rivaled some small towns. Sweet endings to a sweet day.

Beach Parties: Fireworks


Sweet Endings.
Sweet Endings.



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