Renea Dearing Dijab
Renea Dearing Dijab

Renea Dearing Dijab is the granddaughter of the witches they didn’t burn.  She is the great-granddaughter of immigrants that were not turned away. She is progressive, passionate, and hilarious, if she does say so herself.

She believes women’s rights are human’s rights, that the uterus should not be burdened with legislation and that LGBTQ people deserve the same rights as everyone else. Duh.

She is not afraid to use swear words frequently and without regard to anyone who might be listening.

Renea has been published in: “That Time Of The Month,”  “Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness” (both available on Amazon),  the award-winning column “Vodka Yonic, and other humor websites and publications.

Renea is a frequent contributor to Suburban Misfit Mom, the creator, (former producer and host) of Cheaper Than Therapy – A Storytelling Show in Montgomery, AL, and was a 2016 cast member of Listen To Your Mother – Birmingham.

She has read her original, funny stories on stages in Nashville, Birmingham, and Montgomery, and looks forward to standing on stage in the Annapolis-area soon.

You can watch her LTYM performance here: LYTM Story

You can read her published stories here:

Renea Dearing Dijab
Includes story by Renea Dearing Dijab: “Breastfeeding Forever.”
Renea Dearing Dijab
Includes Story by Renea Dearing Dijab: “The Family Bedlam.”