Top Tip: How to make your “New Neighbors” comfortable.

Top Tip: Welcoming Entrance
Welcome neighbors with a sign and bright flowers!

A top tip for moving to a new city is to immediately assure neighbors that you are not a terrorist.

When arriving at your new home, especially between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the best way to do this is to tart one’s house up in a very patriotic manner.  And if you more to Maryland, a state oozing patriotism from its pores, it is essential that you do this as soon as possible if you want to be invited to the next neighborhood BBQ.

First, a U.S Flag, flown correctly and with dignity, is of immediate importance. As a matter of fact, I recommend you get that flag up before you unpack the first box.

Then, the world is your oyster as far as patriotic decorations goes. You can get inexpensive stuff at Dollar Tree and Oriental Trading. Or all kinds of cute, and more expensive, things at stores like World Market and Pier One.

Another Top Tip is to purchase holiday decor after the holiday and put it away for the following year. I do this for all holidays. The key to finding it again is to have a dedicated place for decorations, separated by individual holiday, so that when you bring home that new Easter Egg wreath that you don’t plan to use for a year, it immediately goes where all the other Easter decorations are stored.

DO NOT put it in some random closet and tell yourself that you will remember it in time next year. You won’t.

Top Tip: Flag Display
Old Glory
Top Tip: Rocking Chairs
Festive pillows make a rocker comfy and fun!


Assimilating into your new neighborhood doesn’t stop at patriotic decorating, of course. Do a little something fun to celebrate all the American holidays and your neighbors will know that you are a person who likes to party!

And one can never underestimate curb appeal for making your neighbors like you. The fastest way to the top of the social pariah heap is to “forget” to mow the lawn often enough. Plant some flowers and take it easy on the lawn ornaments.

You’re welcome for today’s Top Tip!





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